Cappello Rosa


I have seen photos of adorable skull-less babies

With perfect hands and match-tip fingernails

Grasping and holding. Saying hello.

Baby, will you be be closed-or-open-eyed?

These babies with fancy hats–

Pink crowns, Santa caps, bonnets of love–

Hiding the horrific known.

I promise you a soft hat and proper bandages.

Babies waving braceleted-arms pink and healthy

Against their white swaddles and reassurances:

Denied ponies, tricycles, and redwagon rides–

yet begifted–bedecked with glories and trinkets of love.

Baby, will you please live a little while?

Let our delivery room hold

A baby simply blowing spit bubbles,

Resting dimple-cheeked in loving arms.

Before leaving, let her

Bellow and caterwaul her opinion

Of all this Unfairness.

Yell, baby. Yell. All you want.  


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